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Himalayan Salt Bar
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Monday, August 9, 2010


I cannot wait to see the UPS truck pull up to my house today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting deliveries!

Today, I am expecting 150 bath tea bags and 5 lbs. of Ivory colored crinkle paper for my gift baskets. Why would I be so excited about this you ask? Because I thought I had bath tea bags so I made bath tea on Thursday only to discover what I thought were bath tea bags wound up to be heat seal paper......which I have no idea what to do with that now!

AND.......I am anxious to get my gift baskets put together, take pictures, and get them listed on Etsy. This summer has not been so great for sales, but Christmas is coming! My last 2 Christmas seasons have been absolutely GREAT in terms of revenue!

So now I wait and look out the window every 2 minutes.......


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