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Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8, 2010

Today is my 2 year wedding anniversary!

My husband has been such a great support of everything I have done. I started making soap shortly after we met and I could see in his eyes that he didn't *get* the whole idea, but he told me that if this is what I want to do, then he was 100% behind me. I tried to make a coffee based soap about a year ago, and it was a miserable failure, yet John said if I wanted to put it in the cabinet, he would use it. (I threw it away) When my sugar scrubs were making me crazy because I couldn't get them quite right, John used them and used them and gave me his opinion of them even though I had to talk long and hard to get him to try them because he kept saying "That's girl stuff", he eventually came around!

I am grateful for my husband today!

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  1. Aw that is so sweet of him. Glad you have support it makes a big difference!

    On another note, love the pic of the soap at the top of your blog, kinda makes me think of rose quartz.